Rabu, 28 Juli 2010

Graffiti Alphabet on the Pyramid Structure of the Wood Dice


Graffiti Alphabet, Graffiti Letters
Graffiti Alphabet on the Pyramid Structure of the Wood Dice

There may already know what it is pyramid. If you do not know, at least know how to form a pyramid. Basically triangular pyramid shape, so it can be said tapered at the top. Symbolized by a power and glory. At this time there is a graffiti alphabet design with the letters A - Z. All the letters have the same design characteristics, which differentiate only color. Each color has a meaning and significance of their own. So each color will reflect the design of each letter there. After all the designs so we stayed up graffiti alphabet into a pyramid-shaped piles. Starting from the bottom to the top of the pile will be less. And most of the letters leaving one design that is the letter "A". I thought maybe this is a very strange graffiti, not painted on a wall. But I thought, why not? Graffiti is not to be made in the wall but can be anywhere. An example is this, with this we can help kids who are learning to read. Maybe with this you can make the graffiti that is useful for other people, because now many people who argue that graffiti art is illegal and destructive beauty. So I expect you to be able to change that view, certainly for the better.
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