Selasa, 16 November 2010

Auction Made Graffiti On Canvas Graffiti Street Art Festival

Graffiti alphabet letters, graffiti fonts is an example of graffiti letters a-z with a variety of styles. Graffiti is a form of street art, it was 30 years ago; later, stickers and stencils come to do the legacy, still - the graffiti is the most widespread form of street art.

Fest focuses on the legality of the name, the graffiti will be recorded as a creative art form, not from the sides of adrenaline sports. wall legally hire Some are waiting to introduce the Czech and foreign writers and their art.

There will be a presentation of the famous international art and cult films. The artists, who left footprints in the walls of many who welcomed the city to introduce myself.

Name Fest lasted from August 26 to 6 September at the gallery Trafacka and around the famous movie theater Aero. The festival culminates by artpiece contest of the best, and continued by the exhibition in Trafacka until the end of October.

Graffiti Canvas
A bonus of this exhibition is the auction of graffiti created on the canvas.

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