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Newtown Area Graffiti And Street Art

Since the 1980s, the area around the historic Sydney suburb of Newtown, NSW - including the outskirts of Newtown, Enmore, Erskineville, Camperdown and St. Peters - already have a work of graffiti and "street art" is placed on local walls.

These works range in many styles and methods of operation. They include a number of large-scale murals, political slogans painted by hand, figurative designs hand-painted, semi-abstract design of a spray-painted, and the development of styles such as stencil and graffiti art posters (also known as "wheatpasting").

Graffiti alphabet i have a dream

"Street art" style and great location in the Newtown area include:
  • Murals facing King St. and adjacent streets
  • Stencil art of studio photography in Gladstone St, Newtown near Railway Station
  • Stencil, slogans and murals in and around the pedestrian tunnel under the railway, which connects Bella St and Bedford St.
  • Graffiti worked in the area between the Enmore Rd and the railway line, including Gladstone St, St industrial area Wilford, Wilford Lane, Thurnby Lane and Phillip Lane
  • Murals, stencils and graffiti slogans in and around Camperdown Memorial Rest Park
  • Wall art at about Applebee St Station and St Peters, near Sydney Park
  • Multi-panel mural spraypaint on the wall behind St. Luke's Church, Enmore by Matthew Peet (aka 'Mystery')
Another example is the two slogans painted on the wall of a house in Salisbury Rd in Camperdown, at the intersection of Kingston Rd. Hand-painted slogan of which reads "Madonna: The Flesh Devil" accompanied by a smaller slogan which reads "iConsume". Both slogans only lasted for about two weeks before the painted

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